Monday, June 29, 2015

Mom Has Gone Too Far

My mom gots a wild hair up her butts and decided to make homemade dog shampoo.......

Fur the love of Milkbones, could she not get a wild hair to make homemade peanut butter snacks or homemade beef jerky?  

She used alls dis stuffs along with her precious essential oil, Lavender

And dis is what the torturous stuffs looked likes when she mixed it all together

Of course, then she had to try it out....OMD.....why couldn't she do dis on Niles, why does it have to be me?

BUTTS, I will have to say, it made my ManTastic sensitive skin even more ManTastic!!  I didn't comes out all red and itchy and mom was thrilled with the yummy smell!  She says I smell like a fresh baked oatmeal cookie and a tad of lavender mixed in.....

I say I smell like a ManTastic Hunk of ManDog all of da time, butts oh each their own!

Then she grabbed Niles and made him join in the fun of waterboarding bath time....

He was SoOoOOoOOoOOOoOOoo Mad!  BOL BOL BOL  He even stuck his tongue out at hers!

Butts when hims gots done with his waterboarding, hims was all cleans and smelling like a fresh baked cookie...errr.....I means a BoyTastic Chihuahua!!

Maybe tomorrow mom will hone her mad skills in on homemade kibbles, or snacks, or learn to sew stuffies or somethings fun!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Niles Here--Cat Burglars in the Middle of the Night!

Hi Y'all!!  It Niles here and I am hijacking Higgins blog today....well it's kind of my blog too since my name in in title!   Oooooooohh Weeeeeeeee, is he gonna to be mad!!!!  (Just in case the video is not going to work, the dogatary, a.k.a Mom will be translating!)

Do y'all recognize me beclaws I am dressed up like a detective....Beclaws at 2:31 in the morning, CAT burglars tried to break into our house!!!


Our alarm was blaring sooooo loudly!!  Dad jumped out of the bed faster than anything and Higgins was right behind him. Of course, I stayed in the bed to protect my mama!!!


Them CAT Burglars must has been messing with the alarm wires beclaws the alarm kept going off and dad could not get it off!!  It was going off so long that mom got out of the bed to investigate and I was right behind her!!!

I demanded to go outside and Higgins went with me becaws he says he is the ManTastic one and would protect me!  We did zoomies around the back yard several times, in the dark, barking securing the property!!

Dad had to get a screw driver to dismantle the alarm to get it to stop.  Dad said it happened beclaws the lightening and thunderstorms that were passing through....butts we knows it was Cat Burglars, cause we chased them off!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Noisy, The Weird Pussy Cat That Thinks He Is A Dog

Our Gram that lives in Florida has this pussy cat named Noisy.  

Noisy is a weird pussy cat when it come to pussy cats.....

We thinks, that he thinks, that he is dog.  Really!

I thinks he confused Niles beclaws when Niles walked into the kitchen and found Noisy laying like dis.....Very unpussy cat like, to be laying there spread eagle!

Niles thought he was a dead pussy cat.

So when I got over there with my Mantastic self and instructed Niles to give him a kiss, Noisy was in fact still alive....

Fur the life of me, I have never seen a pussy cat act like this....This is very puzzling!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Intermutts Wires Must Taste Yummy

Dis is me and Dad, we were taking a cat nap!  BOL!!!

We is home from our Vacay, but came home to NO Intermutts.  Mom has been throwing around a few choice HBO words.  Yesterday, the Intermutts guy finally came to our house after mom augured on the phone with the lady who said we had no issues with our intermutts.....just let me point out that you don't want to be on the other end of the phone when my mom is UPSET!  Then the lady told her the wiring inside our house was all jacked up and Mom said, XSQUEESE ME!  You better get someone out here rights now and prove that the issue is in the house!

So, here comes the intermutts guy, beboppin' up to the door, not expecting a ManTastic Higgins to be waiting on the other side!!  Y'all would be proud of my growling and gnashing of teefers to the intermutts guy....he was shaking in his boots and the younger two legged brother had to hold me back so I wouldn't kill him!

Good news is, he fixed the intermutts, mouses ate the wires about mile up the road to our house....the bad news, it went out before I could blog yesterday, I guess the mouses came back to eat the wires again!!  Mom is just happee that once again she is right, the wiring in our house is just fine!!  BOL!

Mom is running to the dogter this morning and paws crossed when she gets home we will have intermutts so I can visit y'alls blogs.....I miss my furiends....and blogging on my mom's phone is a pain!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Heading Home From Vacay and Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Hey y'alls, Higgins here from my Mobile Command Unit, aka, backseat of a Camry!  

My four legged pawrental unit has been to busy to allow me to blog while we have been gone.  They has been doing everything under the sun while most days we have been left to fend fur ourselves float in the pool.  It's a hard life y'all!  BOL!!

We has not furgotten about drawing fur a winner of my pawesome pet diffuser.....In fact, we are holding the drawing now from the MCU (Mobile Command Unit) and we is getting ready to draw right now......

And the winner is Frankie Furter and Ernie!!  Y'all will have to fight it out on which ones of you actually get to partake of the goodness and wear it!!  BOL!!  Congrats!  Send me your snail addy and email addy so I can forward that on to the Diffusing Mama's!

Since Niles is only interested in sleeping his life away, I am leaving the backseat of the Mobile Command Unit to move to the front seat so I can beg to stop at every other exit so I can leave Peemail so everyone can know of my Mantastic-ness!!  BOL BOL BOL!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On The Road And Bad Intermutts....

Hey y'all!!  Sorry sorry for the lack of comments the last couple of days....we have had bad intermutts at our house and I have no been able to get on the intermutt hardly at all!  My dogatary gets frustrated and start fussing!  Grrrrr......

Anyhoos, I am on the road traveling down to visit Ginger, Matt and Tilda!  I am posting from my mobile command unit from the back seat of a Camry!  BOL!!!  Here is my mobile command center...

We are currently in Georgia and it seems to be taking 87 hours to get there!!!!!  Here is the official Georgia sign....apparently they are on my mind......actually, foodables and leaving some PeeMail is on my mind!!

At this current moment I am doing my best to make my mom jealous!  It's working, I can tell!!  She hates it when I give dad some love!!!

Anyhoos, just wanted to check in so y'all didn't think my dogatary took another hiatus!  I will be visiting y'alls blogs, but may be really busy playing with my cussins to post a lot!!!

Don't furget to leave a comment on Monday's blog so y'all have a chance to win!!  Cookie is having trouble leaving anyone else having issues??

Next time I see y'all I will be in Sunny Florida!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

OMD OMD OMD, We Has Been Caughted.....

Just when I thoughts mom was busy, she walks in and finds us in a compromising, cuddling/touching situation.....

On wells, I Higgins, being the most pawesome and Mantastic Big brother was protecting my bratty little brother from cat burglars!!  It just looks like a I love him....

Don't furget to leave a comment HERE on yesterday's post for a chance to win a pet diffuser!!!!!!