Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Staff Meeting

Staff meeting was ruff and wore us slap out beclaws of alls da impawtant stuff we had to discuss!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Some More Snowy Pictures

Most of the time, well, all of the time I hates da white stuffs...

Butts this time I was running through it like a Mantastic Ninja!!!

See hows fast I was going??

Here is a picture of me and Niles wiff our humans....
Hard to tell who hated da whites stuff mores, Dad or Niles...

They were only out there longs enough to get dis picture snapped!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Zoe Makes A Snow Angel

We gots lots of snow last Friday and Saturday....

Niles refused to go out in it unless mom and dad demand it....
he claimed da peepad as his bestfuriend!

I's went out in the snow in utter necessity beclaws I hates da peeped....

Zoe howevers luved the snow, even though she would come in shivering!!!!
Mom kept making fun of her beclaws even though she was cold and all shivers-me-timbers she still would insist on making snow angels!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Maggie Crossed Over The Bridge

Last night, a little after 10:00pm Maggie had her last seizure.  

She went into it right after we went to bed and she was laying in between her daddy and myself.  

It was different this time and we we held her and loved her while she crossed over Rainbow Bridge.

Our hearts are broken and we are sad but we rejoice with the fact that she is no longer suffering and that she lived the most amazing life that filled us with so much love and happiness.  

September 7, 2000  -  January 24, 2016

Thank you all for the continued love, support and encouraging words during this every difficult couple of weeks.  The love, prayers and many paw crosses for Maggie and for us have truly been felt and the words from the sweet comments have been such a comfort.       -Higgins Mom

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Maggie...The Good, The Bad And Her Heart

Maggie had a horrible seizure this morning, one dat she had trouble recovering from.  About 20 minutes in, mom wrapped her in Niles' cozy blanket and rushed her to da dogter.

On da way to his office, she woke up and mom was happy, butts very concerned.

Dogter did some more blood work dat came back wiff good seizure numbers, butts she has fluid dat has built up around her heart, she has an very irregular heart beat and her blood pressure is high.

Maggie is now on two more medications to help her.  Dogter said that if we can't get da seizures more under control, her heart fluid reduced and her blood pressure better dat she could have a seizure that she will not survive.

Dis is all very concerning to mom beclaws mom can't fix dis and she is feeling very helpless.  We is all in wait and pray mode fur Maggie.

Da Good - - - Maggie's blood work showed improved numbers wiff her seizures
Da Bad - - - She is still having seizures (butts not as bad) and high blood pressure
Her Heart - - - Fluid build up and irregular heart beat

Dat is all we nose fur now!

Mom does say fur such a sick little doggie she is still a cutie!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Slumber Pawty

Last night it gots extra cold and mom said it was too cold fur da outdoor dogs and pussycats to stay outside!

Zoe was so excited dat her bestfuriend Copper gotted to come in da house!  She showed him one of her favorite sleeping spots.....RIGHT NEXT TO MOM!

I am all fur all dog and pussycats coming in da house so they don'ts gets too cold, but our bedroom is pushing it!

I tried to behave and not growl too much.....

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

We Is Still Here....

Hey y'all.....

Sorry fur the lack of updates and total absence from Blogville.  Mom has had a ruff week and we's all nose when moms have ruff weeks our bloggies suffer!

Maggie is still hanging in there.  She has very good days and very bad days and mom said sometime she feel like she running a hospice center on Maggie's bad days and on Maggie's good days she is just a nurse fur a demanding patient.

We's has been mostly good so we's doesn't stress Mom out any more, but come on....there is just so many days in a row that we can behave, especially fur Niles and Zoe!!

Maggie goes back to da dogter on Friday so we's should nose more then!

Today, we is all snug in our beds beclaws last night it gots very cold and our house lost water and then da weather man said dat snow is coming in tonight, so we just may stay under the covers until it melts!  BOL!!!